Our School Day

Our school day is organised as follows...

7.45am - Breakfast Club opens, children should be dropped off at the main entrance.

8.35am - Gates to the playground open/school doors open and children go to classrooms for soft start learning.

8.45am - School doors are closed, registers are taken in class.

NOTE: Children MUST be in class for the register at 8.45am, otherwise they are marked as late.

8.35am-8.45am - Morning registration (registers close at 8.45am)

8.45am-9.45am - Lesson 1

9.45am-10.15am - Lesson 2 (Phonics/Guided Reading)

10.15am-10.30am - Break Time

10.30am-11.30am - Lesson 3

11.50am-11.50am - Assembly Time

11.50am-12.50pm - Lunch Time

12.50pm-12.55pm - Registration

12.55pm-1.55pm - Lesson 4

1.55pm-2.10pm - Break Time

2.10pm-3.10pm - Lesson 5

3.10pm-3.15pm - Prepare for end of day

3.15pm - Children are dismissed from the playground

Note: Children MUST be collected from the playground at 3.15pm. If there is a problem, please contact the school office.

At OGPS children spend 33hrs & 20mins in school per week (based on 8.35am-3.15pm) which is over recent DfE guidance.