We are fortunate to have a computing suite, 60 laptops, 16 iPads, a set of Learn Pads, a 3D printer as well as a range of mobile technology to support computing in the curriculum.

At OGPS we aim to;

  • Have a thematic approach with Computing that weaves both knowledge and skills into the learning leading to meaningful and purposeful outcomes.
  • Develop computational understanding through systematic direct teaching of appropriate learning objectives.
  • Encourage teambuilding and leadership skills such as: independence, collaboration, resilience, valuation and leadership opportunities.
  • Develop computational understanding with opportunities for our pupils to apply their skills through problem solving.
  • Ensure that Computing involves an element of ‘physical doing’ including learning outside of the Computer suite.
  • Incorporate a wide range of STEM and art into the Computing teaching and learning.

We do the above by following the scheme 'Teach Computing'. Please see the links below for further information about our computing curriculum.

Computing Curriculum Information

Computing Learning Journey

Computing Progression Map

Please find below some very useful documents on making sure your child is safe when using different devices:






Smart TVs.


Top tips for iPhone

Top tips for PS3 and PSP

Top tips for Nintendo

Top tips for PS4 and Vita

Top tips for Xbox One and 360


See our Learning Journey information to parents for further information.