Pupil Voice - School Council

Oliver Goldsmith has an active School Council. School Councillors are elected by their class and bring any issues, concerns or ideas their class may have to council meetings.

School Council & Democracy In Action at OGPS as part of our commitment to promoting British Values

At OGPS we promote the democratic processes through the election of school councillors. Each September we revisit the concept of democracy and pupil voice, with the children taking part in the campaign and election process from Reception to Year 6. Our year six pupils are charged with the responsibility of leading and take on the roles as Chair, Vice Chair, Business Manager & Accountant each year. The school council fosters the concept of freedom of speech and group action to address need and concerns. They make presentations back to their classes and to the school governors. They are supported by a member of the Senior Leadership Team, our Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Dean

OGPS School Council: Run by the children, for the children

The School Council has key responsibilities...

  • To represent pupils, discuss issues that classes bring to their attention and work to resolve them.
  • To select the charities that the school will support each academic year.
  • To respond to annual pupil survey results and work to solve problems.
  • To help with school development to make the school an even better place.

The 2020-21 School Council Leadership Team

  • Chair of School Council: tbc
  • Vice Chair of School Council: tbc
  • Business Manager: tbc
  • Accountant: tbc

What difference has our School Council made at OGPS and beyond?

  • As the school was closed from March to July 2020 - the school council were unable to meet - the same children elected for 2019/20 stayed on as school council members in Autumn 2020 and Spring 2021.
  • In autumn 2019, school council decided to support Brent Foodbank for both Harvest and for our main charity.
  • In summer 2019, the school carried out a Read-a-thon to raise money for our own school as well as raising money for Northwick Park Hospital, Children's Ward (Jack's Place). With the money raised, we purchased 40 DVDS that were delivered to Jack's Place to cheer up some of the children who might be staying there.
  • In autumn 2018, school council chose to support Brent Food Bank both for our Harvest appeal and in a fundraising event. We raised over £1000 for Brent Food Bank.
  • June 2018, governors chose to support the children's second place election issue which was new toilets! The school council chose the new designs and colour schemes for all the toilets at a cost of £85,000! When they were opened in Sept 2018 there were lots of happy pupils and parents!
  • May 2018, children ran a school election on local issues - the issue with the highest votes was the "stationery party" who promised that children could bring in their own pencil cases to school. This was put into effect in the last half term of the year!
  • March 2018, School Council running fundraising event for Sport Relief 2018. By having a non-uniform day and setting up active adventure trails in the playground, the school council managed to raise £572.05 for sports relief.
  • February 2018, School Council met with our catering team from Chartwell to help give feedback and shape development of school meals.
  • 17th November 2017, "Mad or Bad Hair Day" for Children in Need raising £384, see newsletter for more details Edition 54 Fri 10th Nov 2017.pdf
  • In 2017-18, the School Council elected their year six leaders and chose to support Children in Need in the autumn term. A school wide vote is being carried out select an international charity for the spring term and a local charity for the summer term.
  • In the year 2016-17, School Council ran stalls at the Y6 Christmas Fair to fundraise plus organised a whole school talent show in the summer term to also raise money. Their chosen charity for the year was "Save the Children".
  • The School Council was responsible for helping select the new KS1 playground equipment installed in the summer of 2016.
  • The School Council set up the playground rotas so there is fair chance for all pupils to use different area and equipment.
  • The School Council were part of the interview process to recruit a new Headteacher in February 2015 and Deputy Headteacher in January 2016.
  • The School Council has met with our catering team from Chartwells to help shape the school hot meals menu to encourage more children to try a hot meal.

What our School Councillors have to say...

  • ‘I believe my role is to help change the school in different, good ways.’
  • ‘My role is to explain to other people what needs to be put right and give ideas about the issues.’