Website Links to Support the Curriculum

EYFS - Nursery and Reception this is a great site with lots of nursery rhyme and songs to listen and sing along to together! It should work from your computer, tablet or your smartphone! and here you can watch and listen to some stories! how many of these sounds can your child recognise?


Our half termly number fact homework tasks are vital to helping children pick up key facts. You can find them all here as well as on each class page on the website.

The London Grid for Learning provides many excellent resources for use in school and one of their latest is a resource called Maths at Home.

The resource is closely mapped to the National Curriculum, with every NC statement scripted into a short, clear video to demonstrate how the subject is taught in schools, and to give parents fun ideas for using objects in the home to support their child. It is well worth a visit!

English - some really resources, stories and things to listen to here!

Science (KS1 Science)

ICT & Computing Skills

History (general info) (Greeks) (Indus Valley info) (Egypt)


Religious Education

Art & Design

Design Technology (KS2) (KS1)




Other good websites to look at... (lots of links to lots of subjects!)