Aims, Vision & Values at OGPS

Our Vision...

Our vision at Oliver Goldsmith Primary School is to…

  • Create a learning environment that develops each child academically, socially, emotionally and physically within an inclusive, secure and happy setting.

  • Inspire a love of learning through a creative curriculum.

  • Create memorable moments for our children.

Our Values...

OGPS Values.png

We want our pupils to look forward to coming to school and to be bursting to talk about their day when they get home. We want them to enjoy learning for a real purpose and to develop their confidence, self-esteem, independence and a genuine love of learning. We want them to go out of the classroom as much as possible; learning in the school grounds, in the local area and beyond. We want them to learn from a range of visiting adults and to know how to make guests feel comfortable and welcome. We want them to cook, to garden, to make things and to experiment. We want them to visit theatres, galleries, museums and libraries. We want our pupils to be global citizens, able to succeed and build a fulfilling life in a sustainable and increasingly international society.