Art & Design, Music & Design Technology (DT)

We aims to provide our children with the fundamental skills, concepts and knowledge necessary for them to express themselves as artists and designers. We raise standards in the Arts through developing teachers’ and learning support assistants' skills in the teaching of Art and Creative skills, widening and modernising media and technique and increasing the importance of pupils' voice. We want our children to love art, craft and design and have an ambition to become illustrators, photographers, filmmakers, designers, architects, printmakers and more. At Oliver Goldsmith we are also interested in providing a wider programme of creative community and cultural events.

Each year we hold many exciting events that provides pupils with a range of experiences.

Our cross curricular approach enables children to access other subjects (e.g. Science, English and History) in a creative way. Children are encouraged to represent the knowledge using visual or performing arts. This helps children of all abilities to access the curriculum in more engaging way.

Learning Adventures are designed to create inspiring and memorable moments to our pupils:

  • It enables children to become leaders as well as work as a team
  • Involves pupils in planning for an outcome
  • Provides opportunities for creativity, risk taking and problem solving
  • Promotes links with the local and wider community
  • Encourages self-evaluation and feedback.

The Spring Musical at Oliver Goldsmith provides opportunities to perform to every child who expressed their interest, regardless of their talent or abilities: to sing, to dance, to act or get involved in creating props and costumes.

The annual Performing Arts concert is showcasing high standard of singing, dancing and drama performances from after school clubs and instruments learnt in cooperation with ‘Wider Opportunities’ programme.

The Proms concert is a great opportunity for the children who are learning to play instruments to perform in front of the audience.

Our school assemblies are created around different religions and are of a high quality. Children are encouraged to contribute to the script or staging ideas. Children in KS2 are often taking the lead in adapting the song or choreographing the dance.

Children are able to join many clubs, including Choir, Ensemble, Arts and Dance where they can express and explore their idea more freely. During the year we organise or take part in various competitions. e.g. Brent Street Dance competitions. We had won a few of them!

All the creative opportunities reflects our values at Oliver Goldsmith, known as 5 Cs: Care, Co-operate, Communicate, Create and Celebrate.

Please see the links below for further information about our Art and Design and Design Technology curriculum.

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See our Learning Journey information to parents for further information for year groups.