Learning Journey Bulletins - Read more about our learning!

To find out more about what each year group is learning each term, see the documents below...

They can also be found on the individual year group pages in the 'Classes' section

Summer Term 2019

Nursery Summer 2019.pdf

Reception Summer 2019.pdf

Year 1 Summer 2019.pdf

Year 2 Summer 2019.pdf

Year 3 Summer 2019.pdf

Year 4 Summer 2019.pdf

Year 5 Summer 2019.pdf

Year 6 Summer 2019.pdf

Spring Term 2019

Nursery Spring 2019.pdf

Reception, Spring 2019.pdf

Year 1 Spring 2019.pdf

Year 2 Spring 2019.pdf

Year 3 Spring 2019.pdf

Year 4 Spring 2019.pdf

Year 5 Spring 2019.pdf

Year 6 Spring 2019.pdf

Autumn Term 2018

Curriculum Letter Mon 1st Oct 2018.pdf

Nursery Autumn 2018.pdf

Reception Autumn 2018.pdf

Year 1 Autumn 2018.pdf

Year 2 Autumn 2018.pdf

Year 3 Autumn 2018.pdf

Year 4 Autumn 2018.pdf

Year 5 Autumn 2018.pdf

Year 6 Autumn 2018.pdf