The School Log Book - A Glimpse into the Past!

OGPS has a Log Book that dates from 23rd August 1938 to 24th April 1991.

On 23rd August 1938, the first entry tells us… “This school was divided into two departments, Infants and Juniors from to-day.”

At the start of the log book is an alphabetical index which shows the names of members of staff, when they were appointed or when they left. After that, the numbered pages take you on a journey through the schools’ history up until 1991.

The Log Book was the property of the Infants School, so many of the names and details are associated with the younger year groups.

There are some fascinating entries, particularly about how the Second World War affected school life from the declaration of war on 3September 1939. The Log Book entry on 4th Sept 1939 states… “School closed until further notice, state of war having been declared.” We can only imagine what it must have felt like for the Headteacher to record that historic comment!

In the document linked below, you can find a selection of pages that will give you an insight into life at the school over the years. As you will appreciate, not every entry can be shared, partly due to the volume of 469 pages, but also as some entries contain personal information.

We hope you enjoy this glimpse into the school’s past…

OGPS Log Book for School Website.pdf