School Improvement - Our Journey...

As a community of leaders and learners, we aim to inspire everyone to be the best that they can be, to help make OGPS the best school it can be. On this page you will find information about our school development priorities.

School Development Plan 2022-23

Over this time period, we were focusing on the following areas...

  • Increase effectiveness of leadership & management at all levels as a key driver of school improvement.
  • Improve the consistency and quality of education for all pupils at OGPS
  • Raise standards of pupils’ outcomes in key areas to be significantly above national averages and generate progress above & significantly above national.
  • Secure ‘Curriculum Development’ in line with the Ofsted inspection framework.

Annual Governors Report to Parents

Every year, our governors write a letter to update parents about their role, their focus and their impact o the life of the school. Here is the most recent....

Oliver Goldsmtih Primary School Board of Governors Letter to Families July 2023.pdf