Physical Education (PE)

At OGPS, we are committed to the principle that every child should have the opportunity to engage in and enjoy physical activity and sport on a regular basis. Therefore we consider it our duty to create a wide range of positive physical experiences for our pupils. Through gaining physical confidence, the students are able to enjoy and value the participation in sports and physical activities; in this way we can provide a fundamental building block to establish a life time habit of leading an active and healthy life.

Planning in PE is in line with our aims and the Physical Education Programme outlined in the National Curriculum. It is taught twice a week and focuses on teaching a wide variety of skills based on movements, agility, flexibility, balance, coordination and strength; as children move through the key stages, these skills become increasingly complex and technical. Children have the opportunity to perform individually as well as in collaboration with others; competing against others, setting their own goals and evaluating and recognising success are important parts of the lessons. To support the inclusion of challenges and the involvement in competitions, OGPS is part of the Kingsbury Sports partnership, the Youth Sport Trust and Your School Games.

Skills taught are linked to a wide range of sports which include traditional ones as well as alternative sports to make the curriculum engaging and exciting. As we are committed to high-quality teaching, we regularly invite coaches to support our staff and to motivate our pupils. In year 5, children will receive swimming lessons from specialist teachers to increase their water competence.

We have a variety of sports clubs that run during lunch times and after school which encourage a healthy, active lifestyle. These include gym/cheer leading, dance, cricket and football for both boys and girls.

We are also part of the Walk to School Week initiative which we take part in every year, hoping to encourage children to walk to school increasing their fitness levels, overall well-being and to alleviate traffic in and around the school.

Our school has a school council where children are given the opportunity to use their ‘voice’ in all matters concerning the school.

  • Enter competitions in and out of school.
  • Work towards gaining Healthy Schools Status.
  • Encourage participation of physical activity during playtimes.

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