Homework at OGPS

Our Homework Policy is available on our Policies Page

To summarise the policy...

  1. We want to support parents to help their children at home.
  2. We want a consistent approach so parents and children know what to expect.
  3. We want to consolidate and reinforce learning.
  4. We want to encourage skills of independence & resilience.
  5. We want homework to be achievable and enjoyable, not onerous or create stress!

Overview of Expectations

  • Homework will be set on a Friday and be collected in the following Wednesday
  • Weekly tasks include;
    • Reading - minimum of three times per week with parents signing Reading Record books to help establish a good reading pattern with children
    • Learning a spelling list (these will be tested each week)
    • Timestable Rock Stars or Numbots for younger children
    • One other piece that might be English or maths based at the class teachers' discretion
  • Other projects or tasks may be set for other subjects over the term or half term. where this happens children will be given a minimum of two weeks to complete such a task.

Further Details

EYFS (Reception)

  • Focus of homework is learning together - focus is mainly English based to support language development.
  • Reading- parents will receive information about the phonics work we are completing so you can support with this at home. We ask that parents read TO their children on a regular basis as well as encouraging children to read TO parents were they are able.
  • Letter formation - parents are asked to help children with their writing, being able to form letters makes a big difference to their writing.
  • Key Words & Tricky Words - we will share these with parents and ask you to spend time looking at them with your child.
  • In reception, homework begins from the second half of the autumn term to allow them plenty of time to settle into the school.

KS1 (Y1 & Y2)

  • Focus is on Maths & English.
  • Reading three times a week for approx. 10-15mins each time (minimum).
  • Parents should continue to balance reading to their child and hearing their child read.

KS2 (Y3, 4, 5 & 6)

  • Focus is Maths & English but important skill is independent learning!
  • Reading three times a week for approx. 20-30mins each time (minimum).
  • It is vital that children still hear adults reading to them as good models to copy!
  • It is vital that children discuss what they have read!

To make life as easy as possible...

  1. We will keep to our rule of sending work out homework for all year groups on a Friday.
  2. Homework will be uploaded to the Google Classroom pages.
  3. We will accept work back in on any day from early finishers but the deadline is Weds.