Committees & Governors' Responsibilities

Board of Governor's committees generally meet once a term and look at aspects of school governance in more detail than we do in Full Board meetings. Each committee elects a chair with the clerk taking minutes. Committees make recommendations or take decisions, which the chair presents to the next Full Board of Governors meeting to be ratified. For example, the Finance Committee reviews the school’s budget, but this has to be approved by the whole Board of Governors.

The Board decides what committees are needed, and writes their terms of reference, which defines what aspects of school governance the committee is responsible for.

The Board often asks a committee to look at a subject in more detail – for example, to review a proposed change to the school’s staffing structure or to review a school policy.

Finance, Premises and Staffing Committee

The Finance, Premises and Staffing Committee sets the school budget (how we spend the money allocated to us), monitors the budget throughout the year and ensures that the school spends its money effectively and prudently.

  • Chair: Mr Nick Rozanski
  • Clerk: Mrs Jo Sattaur
  • Members: Mrs Dipti Babhania, Mr Colin Clifford, Mr Dave Cooper, Mrs Zakiya Dean, Mr James Simmons, Mr Naim Hassani, Mr Hemal Davda, Mr Himesh Patel & Mr Omar Iqbal.

Curriculum, Standards and Pupils Committee

The Curriculum, Standards and Pupils Committee deals with the way the school delivers the National Curriculum, targets and achievement, teaching initiatives and specific areas such as religious education and sex & relationships education.

  • Chair: Mr Hemal Davda
  • Clerk: Mrs Jo Sattaur
  • Members: Mr Omar Iqbal, Mr Dave Cooper, Cllr Ellie Southwood (MBE), Mrs Anisa Rupalia, Mrs Fouzia Khan, Mrs Zakiya Dean, Mrs Annette McAndrew, Mrs Suzie Amui, Mrs Mary-Jo McGrath, Mr James Simmons & Mr Ramzey Crawford.

Panels and Working Groups

Pay Review Panel

  • Members: Mr Dave Cooper, Mr Nick Rozanski & vacancy TBC

Pupil Disciplinary Panel

  • Members: Mr Nick Rozanski, Cllr Ellie Southwood (MBE) & vacancy TBC

Complaints, Appeals and Exclusions Panel

  • Members: Mr Nick Rozanski, Cllr Ellie Southwood (MBE) & vacancy TBC

Headteacher’s Performance Management Panel

  • Members: Mr Himesh Patel, Mr Hemal Davda & Mr Nick Rozanski

Policies Working Group

  • Co-ordinated by: Mr Colin Clifford

Site Development & Refurbishment Working Group

  • Members: created as needed

Governors' Responsibilities

Governors focus on specific aspects of the school or on the education it provides to our children. Our governors visit the school to review the way it carries out its responsibilities, and will be involved in the formulation and review of policies and plans for that area. Governor responsibilities are assigned annually by the Governing Board.

  • BCA Champion - TBC
  • CP & Safeguarding - Hemal Davda & Annette McAndrew
  • Health & Safety - Dave Cooper, Colin Clifford & Omar Iqbal
  • Pupil Progress/Inclusion - Mary-Jo McGrath & TBC
  • Governor Monitoring - Ramzey Crawford
  • Governor Training & Development - Dipti Babhania
  • GDPR - Nick Rozanski
  • Curriculum Areas
    • Languages (English & MFL) - Fouzia Khan
    • Maths Faculty - Anisa Rupalia
    • EYFS - Naim Hasani
    • Humanities - Omar Iqbal
    • Science - Omar Iqbal
    • Computing - Omar Iqbal
    • PE & Sports - vacancy TBC
    • PSHE & Well-Being - Naim Hassani
    • The Arts - Dave Cooper
    • Pupil Voice, SMSC, School Council, British Values & Collective Worship - Ellie Southwood

Whilst three governors are linked to safeguarding, the board is clear that "safeguarding is everyone's responsibility" and for that reason, all governors are linked to areas of safeguarding so the full board has a strong strategic overview of safeguarding.

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