Key Information

How is the Board of Governors Structured?

We hold meetings of the Full Board of Governors once a term, you are welcome to attend these if you want to find out more about the school and what we do. We also meet in committees each term to look at aspects of the school in more detail. We have a Premises, Finance & Staffing Committee and a Standards, Curriculum & Pupils Committee. All governors are part of at least one committee but many take part in both. The Board of Governors also have a number of working groups or panels; membership of these are agreed at the first meeting of each academic year. You can find out more about governors on the next page.

What is the Board of Governors DECLARATION of INTERESTS?

OGPS Key Info Terms, decs of interest & attendance - updated Sept 23.pdf

What is the Board of Governors' ATTENDANCE RECORD?

OGPS Governors Attendance Report 2022-23.pdf

OGPS Governors Attendance Report 2021-2022.pdf

OGPS Governor's Attendance Report 2020-21.pdf

OGPS Governors' Attendance Report 2019-20.pdf

OGPS Governors' Attendance Report 2018-19.pdf

OGPS Governors' Attendance Report 2016 17.pdf

OGPS Governors' Attendance Report 2015-16.pdf

OGSPS Governors' Attendance Report 2014-15.pdf

Annual Letter from Board of Governors to update Parents

Oliver Goldsmith Primary School Board of Governors Letter to Families July 2023.pdf

Annual Letter to Families from CoG July 2022.pdf

Annual Letter to Families 19th July 2021.pdf

Annual Letter to Parents from Board of Governors July 2020.pdf

Annual letter from the Board of Governors July 2019.pdf

Governors Annual Letter to Parents Summer 2018.pdf

Annual letter to Parents from Governors July 2017.pdf

If you would like a paper copy of any information found on the website, please contact the school office.