Science has a high profile in our lives and influences the way we live and work. At Oliver Goldsmith , we aim to support a learning environment which enables all our pupils to think, to evaluate, to make informed judgements and to come to conclusions about their world giving them a powerful set of life skills for the future.

At OGPS, we aim to develop a confident boldness to science as an interesting and appealing subject in which all children gain success and enjoyment. Through Science we provide the foundation where children make sense of the world that they live in. Children are encouraged to foster and develop their natural curiosities and wonder about the increasing number of scientific and technological advancements of the modern world we live in, however also understanding the core concepts that have come from great scientific discoveries. Pupils use science to explain what is occurring, predict how things will behave, analyse causes and adapt to the ever-changing world around them. Our science learning is a core subject that encourages and develops child autonomy in learning.

In Science, children are exposed to working in a cross-curricular manner - the knowledge, skills and understanding taught inclusively allowing them to fulfill their potential and gain a deeper understanding. Investigations and practical activities are used to facilitate the development of their scientific skills along with a greater understanding of the world. The school’s nature reserve and emerging garden provide us with an outdoor learning environment that enriches and extends the science curriculum for all our children while developing their curiosity of the natural world around them and also supports the OGPS curriculum offer.

We ensure that our inspiring creative science curriculum provides all children with the confidence and motivation needed to develop their investigative skills along with the school’s learning values. In turn, these skills can then be taken into the next stage of their education and life, broadening and building on their curiosity and sense of natural world, promoting a love for exploration and enquiry and preparing them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences to come.

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