Peer Mentors @ OGPS - Oliver's Allies

Peer mentors have been trained to help children in the school playground when they are upset. Our mentors call themselves Oliver’s Allies.

Peer mentors are given a certain duty day to patrol the school playgrounds. If children ever need a peer mentor, look only need to look out for them in the playground; they will be wearing yellow bands and will come to your help immediately. For further information on who they are and who is on what duty day, see the Oliver's Allies notice board near the school library.

What do our Peer Mentors have to say...

‘I am a peer mentor. My job is to make sure children in the playgrounds are not alone or upset. I also sort out children’s problems with friends but if the situation is serious then I tell an adult.'

'I like being a peer mentor because I love to see children make friends to play with and turn their frown upside down.’

‘Peer mentors are selected pupils who walk around in the playground during playtimes. If we see any problems or arguments between pupils we will intervene to try and resolve it. I personally like being a peer mentor because it makes me feel like I have done something good for someone else.’

‘I make sure children in the playground are okay. I also make sure children have friends and if not I find someone for them to play with. I sort out children’s problems with their friends and if I can’t (or if it is serious) I tell an adult.'

'I like being a peer mentor because I get to help children and I love when children are happy and smiling.’

‘I think it is an honour to be part of the OGPS Peer Mentor Team because you help and guide people through their worries and troubles, it is as if you are their angel of guidance to their right shoulder. Being a peer mentor is challenging but rewarding and an opportunity to give someone their confidence and self-esteem back.’