Parent Times

We run a program of Parent Times over the year to share important information with parents that can help them to support their children even better at school. The sessions are designed to help parents know more about what we do at Oliver Goldsmith so that we can work together to help children reach their potential. We vary the days and times they are held to help as many parents attend as possible. We always upload presentations to the website, see below, so that even if parents cannot attend, they can read the materials we share. Watch out in newsletters for dates and times of Parent Times.

Click on links below to download resources from our Parent Time sessions...

Letters and Resources from 2019-20

Phonics Parent Time 2019.pdf

PDF KS1 presentation.pdf

English Parent Time PPT 30.10.19.pdf

Year 5&6 Applying for High Schools-September 2019.pdf

KS2 maths parent time letter.pdf

KS1 maths parent time letter.pdf

KS1 English Parent Time Letter.pdf

KS2 English Parent Time-Letter to Parents.pdf

Parent time KS1 Eng ppt.pdf

Blooms Taxonomy Questions.pdf

High Frequency words.pdf

PDF KS1 presentation.pdf


KS2 Maths Calculations.pdf


Letters and Resources from 2021-22

Year 3/4 Multiplication Timestables Check Parent Time:


Reception and Year 1 Phonics Parent Time:

Phonics Parent Time 3.5.22.pdf

Letters and Resources from 2022-23

Applying to High School and Year 5 and 6 Residential Trips 2023.ppt.pdf

English Parent Time 22.3.23.pdf

English Parent Time 22.3.23.ppt

KS1 Maths parent time letter.pdf

KS1 Maths Parent time presentation to parents 09.02.23.pdf

KS2 Maths Parent time 2022.pdf

KS2 Maths Parent Time - strategies 07.12.22.ppt

Multiplication Tables Check parent time letter for Families in Years 3 and 4.pdf

Presentation- Multiplication Tables Check Parent Time 29.3.23.pdf


Phonics parent time letter for Families in Nursery-Year 2 - Tuesday 11th October 2022.pdf

Phonics Parent Time 11.10..22.pdf

Safeguarding- Online Safety Parent Time letter.doc.pdf

Online Safety Parent Time Powerpoint 23.11.22.pdf

parent time letter-Brent Parent/Carer Forum.pdf