Letters Sent Home

We use Teachers2Parents to email letters and newsletters home to parents. Please make sure we have an up to date email address for you. We will also text parents to let you know to check your inbox! Letters that are very important or that have a reply slip will also be sent home as a paper copy. If you think you haven't received letters or emails, please do get in contact with the school office.

2019-20 Letters

Letter re payment plan for pupils.pdf

Letter re payment plan for pupils.pdf

Reschedule 3L parents evening.pdf

Harvest Letter 2019.doc.pdf

Black History Month Letter to parents updated 2019.pdf

Flu Immunisation letter September 2019.pdf

British Museum Letter Sep 2019 Year 6.pdf

Letter to Parents re Term Dates for 2020-21 27th Sept 2019.pdf

Parents Evening Autumn 2019.pdf

C Friday 20th September 2019.pdf

Year 5 & Y6 Residential Information...

Applying for High School Info...

Welcome Back Letter Weds 4th Sept 2019.pdf

Data Collection Letter to Parents Weds 4th Sept 2019.pdf

Information for Y6 Parents regarding applying for high school

2018-19 Letters

Year 6 Drugs workshop 19.pdf

Reception Farm - Aldenham 2019.pdf

Y2 Golders Hill Visit Summer 2019.pdf

Y6 Matilda Trip Letter 17th July 2019 updated.pdf

Year 3 Theatre Trip June 2019.pdf

Fanfest 2019.pdf

Non JCA HMS Belfast.pdf

5A Lords Cricket Ground.pdf

Welsh Harp Year 4 2019.pdf

Y5 Activity Week Trip into London 24th April 2019.pdf

Y5 Activity Week Letter Weds 24th April 2019.pdf

KS1 SATs Letter to parents 25th April 2019.pdf

KS2 SATs Breakfast Club Letter to Parents 25th April 2019.pdf

Ramadan 2019.pdf

Polling Day letter to Parents 24th April 2019.pdf

Music Tuition 2019 Year 3.pdf

Music Tuition 2019 Year 456.pdf

Year 3 Verulamium 2019.pdf

BRENT FRENCH DAY 29 3 19.pdf

French Day Letter 26th March 2019.pdf

Y4 Easter Assembly Letter 25th March 2019.pdf

Yr 1 Holland Park 2019.pdf

Y6 Matilda Theatre Trip 07.03.19.pdf

Welsh Harp Reception 2019.pdf

Spring Learning Adventure 2019 letter to Parents - Let it Grow!.pdf

World Book Day Thurs 7th March 2019.pdf

Letter to Parents about Current E-Safety Concerns 28th Feb 2019.pdf


Year 6 St Pauls Cathedral 2019.pdf

Letter to Nursery Parents 12th February 2019.pdf

I Thurs 7th February 2019.pdf

School Closure Friday 1st Feb 2019.pdf

Snow Letter to Parents 29th Jan 2019.pdf

School Closure Letter update 1.30pm 21st Jan 2019.pdf

School Closure Letter 11.15am 21st Jan 2019.pdf

Letter from School Council about Fundraising 11th Jan 2019.pdf

G Friday 7th December 2018.pdf

Do you know someone for Nursery.pdf

Year 3 Christmas Panto Trip to Millfield Theatre Dec 2018.pdf

Christmas Fair Letter 2018.pdf

Clubs finished November 18.pdf


Letter to Parents re Parent Governor Vacancies Mon 12th Nov 2018.pdf

Scarlet Fever Letter Mon 5th Nov 2018.pdf

Scarlet Fever Q & A Factsheet.pdf

Year 5 Handel Museum Trip 18.pdf

Year 5 Ashton Lodge 2018.pdf

C Tuesday 9th October 2018.pdf

Year 5 British Museum.pdf

Year 3 Welsh Harp.pdf

Curriculum Letter Mon 1st Oct 2018.pdf

yr 5 recorder letter 2018.pdf

B Friday 28th Sept 2018.pdf

KS2 maths calculations parent time letter.pdf

Letter to Parents re Parent Governor Vacancies 24th Sept 2018.pdf


A Friday 21st Sept 2018.pdf

KS1 maths parent time letter.pdf

Annual flu spray 2018.pdf

Immunisation information.pdf

Letter to Parents re Term Dates for 2019-20 20th Sept 2018 (003).pdf

Road Safety Letter to Parents 14th Sept 2018.pdf

Y6 High School & JCA letter 13th Sept 2019.pdf

Y5 High School & Gordon Brown Letter 13th Sept 2019.pdf

Parent Time Letter Applying for High School and Y5 & Y6 Residentials for 2019.pdf

Data Collection Letter to Parents Weds 5th Sept 2018.pdf

Y6 Locker Letter 6th Sept 2018.pdf

Welcome Back Letter Weds 5th Sept 2018.pdf