Hello Year 5 - Virtual writing competition for Upper KS2 news!


Hello Year 5 - Virtual writing competition for Upper KS2 news!

Hello 5L and 5C!

We hope that you and your families are all keeping well. We really enjoyed speaking to you all on the phone over the last few days. It was great to hear what you have all been up to, and we look forward to you sending both of us pictures of all the fun things that you have been doing so that we can share it on here with all of your classmates.

We wanted to congratulate Aashi in 5L for winning the virtual writing competition for Upper KS2. Mrs Dhall and Mrs Shewell were really impressed with all of your entries.

Aashi sent a copy of her writing and has said that we can share it with you all. I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we did and I hope that it inspires you all for your writing, You can read it below this message.

Take care,

Mr Lev and Mr Crawford

The Most Amazing Day - by Aashi (5L)

One sunny morning, I woke up to the sun shining and glistening brighter than it ever had before. With a smile on my face, I tip-toed over to the kitchen counter trying my best not to awake my other family members. I crept over the creaky stair-boards and down the stairs. When suddenly, at the corner of my eye I saw a glimpse of light. Not the kind of light that comes from the sun, but the kind of light that comes from a portal. How do I know this? Well, I’ve always read descriptions of them in books and seen them in movies so most of my knowledge about them were based on that.

I stepped inside the portal not knowing a big and long adventure waited for me on my journey ahead. As I stepped inside the portal, a beam of light shone into my delicate eyes and then I saw a building. Several thoughts were racing through my mind when something clicked … it looked like the OGPS from black and white pictures shown in assembly.

I had a mixed feeling of excitement and curiosity to find out what was inside. I crept into the school as sly as a fox. I felt a light tap on the shoulder, so I quickly did a 180 and turned towards the hand, only to find a girl my age standing in front of me. She had long, luscious locks tied up in two plaits, she was also wearing a different uniform to what we wear. It was blue in colour but instead of a knee length dress, it was an ankle length dress and you won’t believe this, but all the children had to wear hats!!! I asked her “What is your name?” and she simply replied “Jenny”. I knew I heard that name somewhere. IT WAS MY GRANDMOTHER!!! Although, I knew that she was my grandma I couldn’t tell her because they had a saying that if you mess with the past it could change the future entirely. In a matter of minutes, we became best friends. She showed me all her classes and even snuck me into some. Grandma took me outside to play too. Attached to the playground was a small forest which is now the temple. We went to explore and found a variety of animals. Our tummies started to rumble so we decided to grab a bite for lunch. Out of her lunchbox she pulled out a homemade sandwich which reminded me of the same type of sandwiches my grandma makes whenever I go to her house for tea. I asked her “Aren’t you going to be in trouble for missing your classes?” She replied “Eh, what’s the worst that is going to happen they’re just going to put me in the OGPS naughty book.”

When suddenly, someone started calling my name “Aashi, Aashi.” is what I could hear. Then I woke up to be in bed next to my grandma, who was sitting there watching me. It was my birthday! I asked my grandma “Do you remember a girl back in your days of school, maybe she was my height and my age?” My grandma winked at me and whispered in my ear “It will be our little secret.” After that I had a great birthday and a great birthday party like never before. So, there you have it the most amazing day of my life!

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