Music with Mrs McNeil...


Music with Mrs McNeil...

You can use this blog to send Mrs McNeil a message about what you have been up to with your music learning...

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  • I've been practising singing

    Comment by Emily 3L — 8 months ago

  • I'm happy to hear you've been singing at home Emily. I've been singing at home too! Keep it up :)

    Comment by Mrs McNeil — 8 months ago

  • thank you

    Comment by Emily 3L — 8 months ago

  • Mrs McNeil. I liked hearing you play the guitar. I sang ‘London Bridge is falling down’ from the Music website. I also drew a picture about ‘Spring’ when I listened to the music by Vivaldi. I have been walking round my garden listening to sounds and I also went to the park. From Joel

    Comment by Joel 2AJ — 7 months ago

  • Dear Mrs McNeil i have been teaching my family some of my favourite worm ups and songs.I am missing you and our lovely singing assembly's. singing is what brought joy to the school . I am very excited to get back and see you and everyone else as well.

    Comment by Linda 6D — 7 months ago

  • Joel - I'm glad you enjoyed the music by Vivaldi and have found time to do some 'soundwalking' around your garden! The BMS Music website is a great resource for home learning. Linda - I'm sure your family have been enjoying learning your favourite warm ups and songs. I miss our singing assemblies too. Singing altogether in assembly was always a highlight of the week for me. I also look forward to seeing everyone when we are all back!

    Comment by Mrs McNeil — 7 months ago

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