School Improvement - Onwards to Outstanding!

As a community of leaders and learners, we aim to inspire everyone to be the best that they can be, to help make OGPS the best school it can be. On this page you will find information about our self evaluation as well as our school development plans.

School Development Plan 2018-19

to be updated here...

School Development Plan 2017-18

1. Securing effective leadership to raise standards.

2. Raise standards in reading across the school, particularly KS2.

3. Build on existing practice to design and create an engaging, relevant and purposeful curriculum which raises standards in all subject areas.

You can read a summary of our SDP 2017-18 here...

OGPS SDP 2017-18 v2.pdf

School Development Plan 2016-17

Here is a summary of the SDP from 2016-17

OGPS Summary SDP 2016-17.pdf

Annual Governors Report to Parents

Every year, our governors write a letter to update parents about their role, their focus and their impact o the life of the school. Here is the most recent....

Governors Annual Letter to Parents Summer 2018.pdf

2017 Autumn School Governance Termly Update.pdf