Who are the governors at OGPS?

Who are the current Board of Governors?

Hannah Panayiotou

I have been a civil servant, working mainly in the Home Office since 2000, working on international crime. I have two children in the school and have had the privilege to be chair of the Board for over year.

Nick Rozanski

I am a safeguarding governor, Chair of the Finance Committee and a former Chair of Governors. I work in IT, and we have lived in Kingsbury since 1989. All three of our children had a wonderful education at Oliver Goldsmith Primary School.

Jane Palmer

Dave Cooper

Formerly a teacher I became a parent governor whilst my sons were at Oliver Goldsmith, I am now a Co-opted governor. I am particularly proud of the school's dedication to the creative arts and am very interested in teaching and learning standards and health and safety.

Hemal Davda

Dipti Babhania

Coming from a financial background, I have a passion for financial efficiency. Supporting the Board of Governors to monitor and evaluate the school policy for value for money, premises maintenance and health & safety are the key skills I bring as a co-opted governor. Having also been a support staff governor I feel privileged to play a part in improving children’s education.

Dennis Varcoe

Although I have been a governor for the best part of 20 years, I maintain a passion for the two main areas in which I took a particular interest in when I first joined the Governing body, namely to ensure that the students and staff have a building and grounds that provide as stimulating a learning environment as possible, and a curriculum that enables the students to understand and appreciate the world environment on which we all depend.

Petra Wilson

I have been an active parent at OGPS for almost 10 years and feel very honoured to represent you as a Parent Governor. It is very exciting to see the school’s development and I am happy to be able to support OGPS with my experience as a mother and secondary school teacher.

Mary-Jo McGrath

As a co-opted governor who is a member of the support staff team, I work collaboratively with the school to help it achieve its aims in investing in the learning and development of children'.

Omar IqbalHimesh PatelMr Naim Hassani

I have been Headteacher at OGPS since April 2015. Our Board of Governors has a great range of skills and offer support, encouragement and challenge in equal measure. They play a fundamental role in ensuring the school “inspires a love of learning” for all our pupils.

I have been Deputy Headteacher since May 2016. I am an associate member of the board which means I provide lots of information to the members of board at meetings, especially at the Curriculum, Standards and Pupils Committee.

Mrs Annette McAndrew

I became a permanent Assistant Headteacher in May 2015. I am an associate member of the board and give lots of information to the members of board at the Curriculum, Standards and Pupils Committee regarding assessment at the school.

Ms Hannah Panayiotou (Chair of Governors & Co-opted Governor)

Mrs Jane Palmer (Vice Chair of Governors & Parent Governor)

Mr James Simmons (Headteacher/Ex-Officio)

Mr Naim Hassani (Parent Governor)

Mr Hemal Davda (Parent Governor)

Mrs Petra Wilson (Parent Governor)

Mr Himesh Patel (Parent Governor)

Mr Omar Iqbal (Parent Governor)

Mrs Dipti Babhania (Co-opted Governor)

Mr Dave Cooper (Co-opted Governor)

Mrs Mary-Jo McGrath (Co-opted Governor)

Mr Ramzey Crawford (Staff Governor)

Mr Nick Rozanski (Co-opted Governor)

Mr Dennis Varcoe (Co-opted Governor)

Mr Ramzey Crawford (Staff Governor)

Councillor Ellie Southwood (Local Authority Governor)

Mr Wajid Bokhari (Associate Member)

Mr Colin Clifford (Associate Member)

Mrs Zakiya Dean (Deputy Headteacher & Associate Member)

Mrs Annette McAndrew (Assistant Headteacher & Associate Member)

Ms Jo Sattaur (Clerk to the Board of Governors)

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