OGPS Pupils Voting OPEN!


OGPS Pupils Voting OPEN!

Democracy in Action!

As the school was closed on Thurs 3rd May for local elections, we set our School Council the aim of carrying out their own election based on local school issues.

The School Council debated ways to improve the school and came up with four ideas to take to the pupil voice of the school. On Friday 4th May ALL the children will have a chance to vote for the idea they think is best of the school! Pupil voice will drive school improvement!

Here are the four issues they have chosen to vote on;

  1. Increased playground equipment - adding some basketball posts and nets as well as some lines for a new pitch to play games on.
  2. Change school rules so we can bring stationery to school to add some colour to their desks.
  3. Set up a school radio station to share school news
  4. New toilets for everyone!

The vote will be counted on Tuesday 8th May and the results shared with the children. We wonder which idea will be most popular! Let the voting commence!