How to contact the school out of hours from Fri 18th Dec until Weds 24th Dec 2020…


How to contact the school out of hours from Fri 18th Dec until Weds 24th Dec 2020…

The Department for Education (DfE) have confirmed to me that Public Health England has agreed a 6-day window after the final day of teaching in which schools are asked to remain contactable so they can assist with contact tracing where necessary. This will allow enough time for positive coronavirus (COVID-19) cases to be identified and confirmed by a test and for relevant contacts in the education setting to be traced.”

If your child develops Covid 19 symptoms within 48 hours of the end of term on Thurs 17th December, please make sure you access the testing system. IF, as a result of these symptoms YOUR CHILD TESTS POSITIVE in the 6-day period between Friday 18th December and Weds 23th December, YOU MUST inform the school so we are able to send out information to others who might be affected.

How to contact us: SEND A TEXT MESSAGE to this emergency number 07919 199860 and a member of the school’s senior leadership team will contact you. When you text, please ensure you provide the following information in your text…

  • Child’s name and class
  • Date they started symptoms
  • Date they tested positive
  • Details of any siblings at OGPS or other local schools

The school office will be closed from Friday 18th December until Monday 4th January 8.30am, so please DO NOT leave a message on the school’s answerphone or use the school admin email address.

The emergency phone number will be checked daily. Please ONLY use this number to report a POSTIVE TEST result until the end of Weds 23rd December. The phone will be switched off from Thurs 24th December onwards.

Should we receive information regarding a confirmed positive case, I will take advice from DfE/Public Health England. If advised to by PHE, I will text parents using our teachers2parents service. This may mean that your child is requested to self-isolate.

Where a pupil tests positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), having developed symptoms more than 48 hours since being in school, you do not need to contact us. If your child tests positive for Covid 19 from Thurs 24th December onwards, please report it to the school office on MONDAY 4th JANUARY from 8.30am.

I sincerely hope that no one from our school community will need to contact me and that we will not need to contact any of you and disrupt your holiday plans with news of further isolations!