French with Miss Dardenne...


French with Miss Dardenne...

You can use this blog to send Miss Dardenne a message about what you have been up to with your French learning...

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  • We love French- at home we are fully fluent in numbers 1-12 and les sentiments. It’s been great fun as Mayans twin sisters are now able to even say bonjour and au revour. Merci, Miss Dardenne.

    Comment by Mayan patel — 1 year ago

  • I am so happy to hear it Mayan! :-) What a lovely message to send me! Thank you! :-) Keep practising your French and I hope to see you very soon! A tres bientot! :-) Mademoiselle Dardenne

    Comment by Mademoiselle Dardenne — 1 year ago

  • Miss Dardenne, we hope you are well. It was also especially nice in the Week 3 links to hear your voice. Joel was so happy to hear you

    Comment by Joel 2AJ 's mum — 1 year ago

  • Thank you for your lovely message. I am glad that you are working your French and that listening to my voice made a difference to your learning. :-) I am very well, thank you! I hope you and your family are well too and that you keep yourself busy doing nice things! :-) I hope to see you very soon! Au revoir Joel! :-) Mademoiselle Dardenne

    Comment by Mademoiselle Dardenne — 1 year ago

  • Daley Mademoisell. Commemy ca va. J’espere. Te voir bientot. Tu new camarades de class. Au fait, Kai cherché. Plus since prix. Passes une bonne journee Cordialement votren stunte 5C periav

    Comment by Periav — 1 year ago

  • I wish we could see each other again REAL SOON!

    Comment by From Elisei Romanet - 3B — 9 months ago

  • I love French miss Dardenne and we miss you!

    Comment by Aliyah Raza 3L — 5 months ago

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